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The Good Sis Brand

Welcome to the corner of healing and entrepreneurship

Sis, now is your time

Transitioning into entrepreneurship can be overwhelming when you have to face all of the barriers and mental blocks that's holding you back from success. You need someone to give you tough love and accountability to help you heal your insecurities and take specific action to reach your goals.

You can transform your life and business to be more aligned, less draining, and more profitable

I create safe spaces for the high-achieving woman to be vulnerable and imperfect


let's be real


Establish structure and routines for productivity.

Develop consistency and discipline to create better habits.

Prioritize self-love, self-care and rest.

Then you are in the right place.

 It's time for you to slow down to speed up!

Time to focus on getting the clarity, confidence, and consistency you've been lacking!

Time to get to the root cause of your procrastination and

shift your mindset for success and alignment!

As your mindset coach and accountability partner, I help you to navigate those spaces so you can direct your focus on what truly matter.

Modern Workspace

Your inner work

begins here

Are you ready to release limiting beliefs & manifest your dreams?

If you’re ready to stop overthinking, procrastinating, and ready to take specific action in your entrepreneurship journey, then I’m ready to give you high level accountability and mindset transformation to show up and commit to excellence.


Client Reviews

I’ve coached hundreds of women over the last five years to build a mindset for success. Today, The Good Sis Brand LLC provides services and products to support women on their journey to becoming their best self.

"Working with Tenagne helped me to identify my core strengths. She helped me to get clear and concise in my messaging as well as with my offer. Through her coaching I was able to walk away with a framework for my coaching program. Her thoroughness and accountability coaching pushed me to dig deeper and who I am and how to serve my ideal client best."


LaJena James

Spiritual Gifts Purpose Coach

"Prior to working with Tenagne, I was super overwhelmed and lost about what I wanted to do when it came to my coaching business. Tenagne helped me reconnect to my own values and purpose and how I wanted to integrate those into my coaching offer, business and brand. Now, I not only have a much more clearer understanding in what I want to do in business and the transformation that I want to guide my clients through, but I also have an increased confidence in myself professionally and personally."

Minerva Guerrero

Mindset Coach

"Prior to working with Tenagne I had a lot of things that I was good at, but didn’t have a focus. I knew I wanted to be able to utilize my skill set to serve others and help clients, but I didn’t know how to market myself or what I could truly offer. Tenagne helped me to define my expertise, prioritize my time, and work out a consistent routine so I could determine what was needed to truly launch my business."


Kate McClinton

Business Development


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