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Hey, there!

I'm Tenagne, your mindset & accountability coach

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a mindset & accountability coach for women entrepreneurs. I teach motivated women how to unlock their full potential and take specific action to achieve their goals.

I’ve spent the last six years increasing my income by developing and teaching the mindset and every day habits of successful entrepreneurship.

i remember
very vividly

i am one of one.

My goal is for women to establish a high level vision for their lives and start confidently showing up, little by little, day by day. I’ve coached hundreds of women over the last five years to build a mindset for success. Today, The Good Sis Brand LLC provides services and products to support women on their journey to becoming their best self.

when I made the decision to transform my life and my financial future shortly after I became a mother. I knew that my daughter and I deserved more and I was ready to take the initiative to do more.

I began to shift my perspective of success to establishing a few small disciplines practiced every day and it changed my life. That level of discipline and consistency became an essential part of my success as a full time entrepreneur. My background in psychology, education, top income earner in direct sales, and social media marketing directly influences my vision for how I show up for my clients and community.

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Your innner work begins here

Are you ready to release limiting beliefs & manifest your dreams?

If you’re ready to stop overthinking, procrastinating, and ready to take specific action in your entrepreneurship journey, then I’m ready to give you high level accountability and mindset transformation to show up and commit to excellence. 

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