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5 reasons why you should mind your business

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Minding your business ultimately looks like flourishing in the spaces God has called you. It looks like focusing on the things you CAN control.

Minding your business is learning how to lead yourself well. It’s learning how to cultivate awareness accountability, and responsibility.

You don’t have time to be comparing yourself or ruminating over things that happen in your external environment.

You need to mind your business and focus on yourself!

Here are 5 reasons you need to mind your business:

1. You actually have business to tend to. And I’m being so serious. You have so many aspects of your life that you need to mind and grow and prioritize.

2. You can’t afford for your focus to be on things and people outside of your control. Where your focus goes, energy flows. So if you’re wondering why you feel depleted. Why you feel both overwhelmed in comparison and underwhelmed in the execution of your own goals, it’s because it’s time to shift your focus to yourself. Focus on you til the focus is on you.

3. God gave YOU the vision. He didn’t consult with anyone and you know that. You know that when you decide to focus on carrying out that vision, it’s going to take obedience and it’s going to take a high level of personal responsibility. You won’t be able to avoid that responsibility by being overly consumed what other people got going on.

4. You’re too distracted. One of the biggest consistency blockers is distractions and you fall into the trap every time. It’s not worth it. Mind your business

5. Last but not least, the peace you will experience from minding your business. Whew. Nothing like you’ve ever experienced before trust me. Do the work to get to a place where you are unbothered and at peace. You deserve it.

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